About RYSA Nigeria

Brief introduction of the program

The Rural Youth Skill Acquisition Programme RYSA is organised by the Centre for Rural Youth Entrepreneurship and Environmental Development with support from the Federal Government with UNCDF, UNIDO and EU as funding partners.The program is designed to take the skill acquisition programmes to the rural youth population with the objectives to create income-earning opportunities, stem youth restiveness, discourage rural-urban drift and grow the local economy. The target youths demography are Nigerians youths who are of native origins from a rural community and are also in need of business start-ups and fundamental business skills.

The RYSA programme has two training components as follows:

1.   The Practical / Hands-on training: This entails training of beneficiaries of the programme to acquire further practical skills required for them to succeed in their chosen enterprises. This training will be carved out by Master Trainers designated across different communities Nationwide.
2.   The Community Business School (CBS) training: The CBS Is a mandatory programme for all RYSA beneficiaries to be undertaken once a week for twelve weeks in the course of the practical/hands-on training programmes. The programme is meant to equip beneficiaries with life and business skills that are critical to success In life and business.

Community Business School (CBS) Course Outline:

1.   Introduction to Business
2.  Customer Relations
3.   Marketing
4.  Book Keeping
5.   Community Service and Volunteerism
6.   Business Networking
7.   Business Modelling

List of Skill-Sets/Enterprises/Ventures :

1.   Aluminum Profiling
2.   Catering and Confectioneries
3.   Electrical Installations and Repairs
4.   Fashion and Designs
5.   Hair Dressing
6.   Makeover
7.   Plumbing
8.   POP, Screed Making and Painting
9.   Tiling
10.   Welding and Fabrication
11.   Woodwork and Furniture
12.   Solar Works
13.   Auto Mechanic

Selection Process:

  • Interested candidates must enroll and pass the proficiency test in his/her chosen skill area to be eligible for the programme.
  • Beneficiaries must complete the Refresher/CBS training before the Start-up Packs presentation.
  • Candidates must pass the training completion proficiency test and Community Business School (CBS) training test before been awarded Certificate and given support.
  • Successful Beneficiaries must subject themselves to the mentoring process of the Centre for Rural Youth Entrepreneurship and Environmental Development.
  • Benefits to RYSA Trainees:

    1.   Monthly Stipend

    Beneficiaries of the program will receive the minimum monthly stipend of N50,000 in the course of their 6(six) months training with RYSA

    2.   Startup-Packs

    The Startup-packs for RYSA Nigeria program are;

  • Work Tools
  • Seed Grants
  • The Work Tools are equipments that will be given to beneficiaries at the end of the training, which will be used to start up their own enterprise. While the Seed Grant supports their ventures as new employers of manpower.

    Benefits to RYSA Master Trainers:

    1.   Financial incentives to encourage Master Trainers

    Master Trainers on a full-time basis, gets regular grant payments of ₦500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira) to help balance wage costs. This is paid monthly, for a 6-months period .

    2.   Opportunity to be a part of a national platform and contribute your quota to relevant industry public policy issues.

    3.   Compelling opportunity for professional Improvement and Development.

    4.   Make an appealing employer out of your enterprise

    Master Trainers as a progressive entity that provides training and growth opportunities for RYSA Trainees are liable to attract even more prospective employees in the future who are eager to be part of your organization .

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